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Cloud Chamber Scrubber

Cloud Chamber Technology: 

A New Approach to Fine Particles and Ultra Fine Particles 
The Cloud Chamber Scrubber (CCS) was developed by Dr. Clyde Richards, 
Atmospheric Physics, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM), and is licensed to Tri-Mer Corporation. 

See History web page. 

With its broad treatment capabilities, the CCS is an effective air pollution control solution for any exhaust application that produces coarse, fine or ultra fine particles, including difficult applications such as diesel exhaust and glass furnace exhaust. 

CCS technology works by passing the dirty gas stream through a chamber that contains a carefully generated “scrubbing cloudâ€? of high-density, charged water droplets. Inside the Cloud Chamber system, billions of charged droplets rapidly interact with the particle-bearing process stream. When a particle and a droplet pass within 20 microns, electrical forces cause mutual attraction and the particle (being less massive by orders of magnitude) is pulled into the droplet. Each individual water droplet becomes a particle collector. 

The droplets collect particles as they interact with the process gas stream, then “rainâ€? into a sump at the bottom of the system. Captured particles agglomerate within the sump, settle out, and are removed as a low volume slurry from the bottom. 

Relatively clean water from the top of the sump is re-circulated by pump to the charging grid, where it is recharged, completing the cycle. 

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