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Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air-Conditioner at an economically competitive level could reduce electricity costs for residential and commercial customers by 70% to 100%. This would cut the growth of peak electric demand and ease the increasing pressures on generating capacity, transmission, and distribution. Clients can save the electricity cost immediately to cover the cost of the Solar Air-conditioner.

Solar Air-Conditioner absorb solar energy to heat the inside medium by using vacuum solar collector. Heated medium, droved by a pump, goes to the compressor of the air-conditioner, which consumes most of the electricity. The heated medium will release the compressor to save electricity. Higher temperature the medium is the higher Coefficient of Performance.

Our solar air-conditioner's are designed according to the Carnot Cycle theory, combined with solar and heat pump technology, a Saving Energy & Green Product. Our systems are Hybrid Solar Systems. Our solar air-conditioners can make cooling and heating all in one. Our solar air conditioner systems will produce needed hot-water for other in home or business uses in the future, as it is a multifunction machine.

Solar air-conditioners collect solar heat energy with its collector, the collected heat energy will be reasonably used in our systems to provide lower power consumption and help save cost.

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