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WRAPAROUND Construction Chutes

They go flat
Consists of 3 sections: top hopper, regular, and door section.
  • All superchutes sections are slightly conical tubes, 4 fet in height.
  • Because linked sections overlap a little, 3 sections provide 10 ft. of drop.
  • All sctions are equipped with our safe and strong cable linking hardware
  • You can choose from six diameters: 18", 23", 27", 30", 33", 36".
  • For a one-time die charge, we'll brand all of your chute sections with your co. name.
Benefits of the Wraparound Design:
  • Minimal storage space required: opened chutes stack like sheets of plywood
  • Easy to transport from job to jobfully compatible with all welded chute sections
WrapAround are easy to transport. truck is carrying 9 regular sections and 1 top hopper.
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