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Whirl / Wet

Whirl / Wet Dust Collection Systems Provide Air Pollution Dust Control 
and Collect Dusts Above 5 Microns. 
High Efficiency Dust Collection System has Low Operating Costs 
Whirl/Wet employs a unique process to create intensive mixing of the dust particles and water. 
To infuse dust particles with water droplets, the mixture is passed with high velocity through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system. The mixing of the dust-laden airstream and liquid takes place and, to increase turbulence, a tangential airstream is injected through a linear slot in the lower blade assembly. Rotation is accelerated, droplets in the airstream are eliminated through a mist eliminator located downstream, and particulate material is deposited on the bottom of the unit for recovery or disposal. Water level is maintained automatically and make-up water is only 
necessary to compensate for evaporation or sludge removal. Whirl/Wet operates in the 99%+ efficiency range for a wide variety of applications and over a wide range of micron sizes.
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