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Solar Street Lighting

Our environmentally friendly solar led lighting products offer the most efficient and reliable solar powered systems for street and roadway lighting, security lighting, general area lighting, trail and pathway lighting, and outdoor advertising. The systems install easily, have the longest warranty and the most reliable service. Our solar powered systems help people feel safe, lighting up dark areas with dependable off-grid solar power.


  • Solar-powered lighting is the most sustainable, carbon-neutral means to provide exterior illumination. 
  • Solar-powered lighting is easy to understand. Anyone who sees a solar panel attached to an exterior lighting fixture knows what it is, how it works, and can easily determine that it is green and renewable. 
  • Installing solar-powered lighting creates jobs. Solar-powered lighting does not require any connection to the electrical grid allowing any skilled contractor to install solar-powered lights.
  • Solar-powered lighting projects are "shovel ready" because it typically takes only 6-8 weeks from initial inquiry to installation. 
  • Solar-powered lighting uses long-life LED technology to provide lighting for over 20 years without needing to change light bulbs; eliminating complaints about non-operating outdoor lighting fixtures!
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