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ThermoDynamic Water Heaters

The sun does not always shine. In the winter, on average, it is only light for seven hours a day, with only three or four hours of sun, which places limits on the operation of traditional solar panels.

The Energie thermodynamic solar panels go beyond this limit by allowing the water temperature to be raised highly efficiently and economically, on rainy days or even at night. The thermodynamic solar systems use the highly energy--efficient thermal solar technology, based on the principle of French physicist Nicolas Carnot, who discovered thermodynamics in 1840. Thanks to this principle, thermodynamic solar panels are capable of capturing the heat of the sun, in rain and wind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The ecological liquid that circulates in a closed circuit, at sub-zero temperatures, captures the heat from solar panels and then releases it into the water through a heat exchanger This facility, by which we link technology to a natural law, demonstrates the veracity and potential of the Energie solar systems.

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